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How can we get better information from Fizz about and during outages?

Hello! I see a number of enterprising users have created polls, posted links, and all manner of discussion about the recent service outages. How can we work together to compile this information into one forum to present to Fizz? If there are a hundred different threads, it's hard to fault Fizz for giving repeat answers or copy-pasting responses. I'd like to see a way of putting all this feedback into one clear format that compels Fizz to respond. That, or we have a very tidy collection of complaints to file with the CRTC. Any thoughts? Does the Fizz team monitor the Reddit threads?



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Hello Katia ,

We understand that our recent mobile service outages caused a big inconvenience for you and we are apologize for everything.

What is important at this stage is that you are made aware of the situation, as well as its impacts on your mobile services. We aim at being as transparent as possible with you to help you make the choices that correspond to your needs. We are currently taking all necessary measures to make our service much more reliable, and sturdy. For more information : .

Thank you for your trust and understanding.

Have a nice day!

Marius Daniel

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