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Fizz compensating with data that can't be used!!!

Fizz compensated us with 2GB but as far as I understand cannot be used unless you have data in your plan, so for me that I have a talk&text plan this is useless...

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Yes you can, because perks you can gift or apply to any account even one without data. It's like the original 100MB or 250MB "perk" on signup, it can be applied even if you don't subscribe to data. So, you should be able to, but after April 9th.

That's really good news.

I wonder for those without data plan, will they be able to participate in gifting data while they have the free 2GB perk. We will see.

Yes I understand we will be able to use the free perk.


My question is whether the data gifting option between customers would be avaiable to all. It is usually reserved only for customers subscribed to a data plan.

Data gifting can only be done from the monthly data in the account, to someone with monthly data in their account. So you can't gift perk data, nor can you receive data just because you have a data perk.

here what I got


I received the email for the 2 Gb for the down of 25, but I do not have data on my plan.



All the customers impacted by the outage will receive the same compensation as stated in the e-mail even if the plan doesn't include data. The rewards will be added to your account beggining with April 9th.



however, we agree that if someone does not have data, is because it does not want to use the data



I perfectly agree with your opinion, but please, believe that our hands are tied and that if we could do something in order to change the way of compensation, we would have done it with pleasure. The system compensates automatically all the clients, in the same way. Thank you very much for your understanding and patience. Please, have an excellent day. -Lucian


I agree with your point, Fizz should compensate customers with free data or another Perk. However, customers would be given the choice between one or the other but not both.