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BMO and DAZN on cellular

I’m not sure when it stopped working but BMO and DAZN will no longer work on cellular data. I’ve deleted the apps and reinstalled, I’ve attempted to use the websites but nothing. When I’m on wifi they have no issue but as soon as my phone switches to cellular the connection is lost (only for these apps/sites).

BMO says it’s lost connection, prior to the complete failure the BMO app was requiring I answer security questions with each login (despite the device being trusted). Other features in the app like finding a location work fine so the app has connection.

DAZN thinks I’m in an country that isn’t supported.

There are at least 2 other questions in the community that were similar with no real solutions.



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It could be an issue with speed of you internet for BMO

you can always make sure you have the latest version of the software and update your phone to the latest os

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