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Company Name doesn't appear on my Billing - Legal Problem to expense. Can My Company name be added to it ?

My profile is registered for my company name and it doesn't appear on my Billing heather - My accountant says it's a Legal Problem to expense it. Can my company name be added to my billing?


Gestion Conseils MTI inc.
Gestion Conseils MTI inc.

Gestion Conseils MTI inc.

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Here what I found on my service agreements


10. Commitments concerning use of the services

You must assume the risks related to the use of the services, even
when they are used by a person other than yourself (including the
damage and costs this may engender).
You must not use the mobile phone service mostly on the mobile
network of a Fizz partner service provider (see the explanations in
section 6.3).
You must use the services and content for your own personal
purposes only and not for commercial purposes or in the operation
of a business. You must not resell or offer the services to others,
with or without consideration. You must not share your passwords.
You also must not

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Unfortunately this is the only type of bill that Fizz has at the moment