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get better support from Fizz

Do you have a specific problem with your account? Don't waste your time here or with the Chat, there is a better way to contact Fizz. You need to go to My profile > Contact forms > choose subject

The best way to get a fast solution is to be as specific as possible in the explanation of the problem for which you seek help.

This form will create a ticket number and this makes things easier to follow.

I hope this helps

Hi Adriana,

Regarding chat interventions, we always try to respond to our customers as fastest as we can but there are cases when the number of sessions waiting for our answers surpasses our processing capacity. Please bear in mind that the Facebook chat is not handled in real time and it may take some time until we get back to you with a response.

Regarding your posts, I can see them, but unfortunately I can't do anything now to post them again for you, as they were handled automatically by our system which may have been mistakenly considered some words as being inappropriate. Please rest assure that we don't intervene if your post doesn't include bad words or private information. So if you still have those messages saved, please try to post them again.

Thank you for your kind understanding.

Have an excellent day!


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(Yes, I found that creating a ticket number is way better than trying to chat with Fizz, The key is to be as specific as possible.)

EDIT. the Fizz team answered and closed my ticket, the problem persist, so maybe the only way to fix a problem is trying to chat with Fizz, so far for me has been almost impossible

Thank you for your input. I have personally never tried this. Do they send you an email in their response ? How was and specific are the answers ? I've tried the chat bubble and facebook numerous times and a lot of times it lead to nowhere or they had to escalate my issue anyway.

I used the contact form before as I could not get access to chat. The key is to list all the details and be very specific with what you're asking for. Once they send a response, the form is closed. You would need to contact them again if your issue was not answered in full or if they needed more info.

A discussion earlier was sending negative vibes on the contact forms saying there were no possible ways to have a ref. number for your issue, and that it is closed promptly once they think your answer is answered.
Clearly here, there's been good vibes about this form !



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This method does not work well. Most of the time they don't even get back to you.

@Lopresor and @MT at least you have some kind of proof, I tried several times to chat and I just wasted like 2 hours, the Facebook Chat is a joke, they answer 6 or 8 hrs later...

I tried to post here 2 complains and I got a message that the post was undergoing moderation, and It was just a simple complain about the chat support, no bad language or anything..

I am keeping my tickets because I am almost ready to file a complain to the CCST

The problem with this "contact Forms" is that you have only very specific subjects that we rarely use. From your last post, I guess you used the "Submit a complaint".

What about if you have something that can be easily solved with the technical support, then I am afraid they will not reply because the problem is out of subject.

They should probably add a subject line like: Initiate a ticket to solve a technical problem.

They should probably add a subject line like: "Initiate a ticket to solve a technical problem" but I guess they trust more employees than costumers to handle the dispatching.

Sadly as others said, this is not the best way to communicate with Fizz, it looks like the Fizz team is overwhelmed with tickets because mine got answered and closed without letting me explain the problem, so Its always a one way communication no matter what you try