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Why am I not able to receive any email from Fizz when i click on the Lost password link?

I am not able to access to my account because i didn't confirm my email address within 24 hours. When i got to lost password link, everything seems to be okay, but i didn't receive any reset password email from fizz. Why?

Thi Cam Nhan Le
Thi Cam Nhan Le

Thi Cam Nhan Le

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I've been in your position when I tried to open a new account. It's probably not solved yet, once you forgot to confirm your email with the forward email confirmation you can't go back and reset your password since you have not finish your registration and you can't register again because your registration is already started. The only option is to contact them via Facebook messenger. They will initiate a ticket for the technical support and reset the password for you. Be aware that this process can take a day or 2.

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