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Difference of cable and fiber optic wifi speeds?

i currently have fibe internet with Bell. I know if i switch over to Fizz it will be cable. Can anyone tell me which one is more reliable fibe or cable when it comes to down time and speeds if i was to go with a 50mbps plan

Do not take DLS, it's not reliable. But Fibe and Cable are similar. I had both in my life and never have any issues.


For the Wifi, it's something else. It depends of where you are living. 5ghz better works for appartements, condos, cause they are less affected by interferences from other routers in the neibourhood. But the range of 2.4ghz is superior. It will work better for larger houses. And it's the same for any provider. Wifi is wifi. A good router will provide you a better experience. If you pay 25$ for a D-Link at Walmart, you'll get what you pay for...

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Wifi speed is not impacted by internet type (cable or fiber). The Wifi speed is impacted by the router to which your devices are connected

There is no difference between cable wifi speed and FTTN wifi speed. The difference between cable and FTTN is how the service is distributed. For fibe internet (or FTTN) the optical Fiber is distributed to the node (Neighborhood). Then they distribute internet through the telephone wire and each consumer has a dedicated wire. With this technology the speed decreased will occurred with the distance between the house and the node. For cable the optical Fiber go to the post near your house but the connection is shared between the consumer with coaxial cable nearly. A decrease in speed will occur if to much bandwidth is used at the same time. (Like each neighbor download an 8k movie at the same exact moment). ISP are aware of those limitations and adjust the way they distribute their services.