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An plans for fiber optic internet?

I know Fizz is internet is probably cable, but are there any plans to have fiber optics with Fizz in the near future because i know Videotron has fiber optic technology?

For now, only Bell, Videotron and Cogeco are offering a direct connection with fiber in Quebec. But they are going to loose their monopoly soon.

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Fizz is made specifically to compete with other small TPIA's, made to be affordable and available to as many people as possible. While fiber optic is the future, it comes with its costs and challenges. And for that reason, for people who think they might need fiber optic, Videotron and Bell will use Fiber as their best product for their clients. I doubt Fizz will ever offer anything higher than 400mbps. It's like asking if Toyota will ever sell a top of the line luxurious car. It would hurt the Lexus brand if they do that.

Edit: I'm talking about FTTH (Pure Fiber), which is not to be confused with FTTN (DSL)