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I received an internet invite, however, when I went to register the website said the plans are not available in my area (Ottawa); I'm now getting emails asking why I haven't signed-up yet. I'd like to know if internet plans are available in Ottawa?

Hello, Peter!
I believe you were sent the invite in error, as the invites were system-generated and meant to give an edge to our Fizz customers and help them to lock-in Beta prices. You are correct in your assumption, Ottawa doesn't yet receive Fizz Home Internet Service. We continually strive to improve our offerings, so one day we may also reach out to your neck of the woods. Meanwhile, thank you for being a loyal Fizz customer and make it a great day!

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Is videotron internet available in your area? Fizz uses videotron infrastructure for home internet, so if you don't have one, you don't have the other.

As far as I know, Videotron is available only in the Rockland area. All Ottawa users, including myself, would get an invitation for beta but the addresses are not eligible.

in short yeah but the main house is in Quebec so dont be surprise that some gray zone in your country seem to be subject to sensitive troble of zoning keep up u will find what you want ask the service they do a real good job :)