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LTE going in and out?

In areas where I normally would have gotten at least half bars in LTE, I’m going down to 3G, and sometimes the signal will go out and in a few times before being stable again. Is this an issue anyone else has encountered? I figure it’s par for course with fizz being a new company, but I’m wondering if anyone else experienced something similar.



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Your past experience of coverage depends on the provider you came over from. With Fizz (and Videotron) their primary band is AWS-1 (which is 2100/1700 MHz). This doesn't penetrate buildings as well, as, say 700 MHz LTE which Bell, Telus, and Rogers use a lot. As a result the strength of signal typically won't be as good indoors, but if it gets low enough, your phone will switch to use the shared Rogers network on 850 MHz or PCS (1900 MHz) (this is part of the agreement between Videotron and Rogers), or sometimes 700 MHz LTE, and will still show "Fizz" not "Fizz EXT" because of this agreement. I have noticed my phone does a lot more switching between bands and towers/cell sites than with my previous provider, Bell. But it does work just fine and doesn't seem to be a problem. I have monitored what band my phone is on using the Cell Signal Monitor app on Android.

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