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I want my normal plan back

Due to issues with fizz network on my account twice that was saying out of area. In the troubleshooting process to fix the issue myself, I switched my plan from canada to quebec because I'm in Montreal. Now that you solves the issue because the problem was from your side as I suspected (thank you for solving it as office hours opened both times)... I can't revert back to my canadian plan, it won't let me saying that I need to process this. Now, I just got a new job and their headquarter is in toronto. We communicate using the internet because they have offices here in montreal. (I keep the plan anyways, I don't mind paying 2$, definitely worth the convenience even though I never even call anybody or use my phone, it's nothing but a music player to me, I just keep a phone for work and they don't call me. All internet) It's payment night, it will go automatically, but I would really like my old plan back... I tutored a kid in Ottawa, I keep in touch with him and still visit. Please, can I have my plan back?

David Lemire
David Lemire

David Lemire

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Please chat with Fizz to see if they can do something. This is a community forum and most are end users same as yourself. Chat with Fizz instead please. Or use My profile --> contact form to open a ticket.

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