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Unable to add funds to wallet?

When I try to add money to my wallet through the wallet page, I have no options available and can't add any amount of money. None of the buttons work.



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Chat with Fizz with a human being. I found Fizz contact form function is worse and worse in these days. One of my referral is missing and I sent more than 10 requests or 10 rounds e-mails , There is none of the answers are useful and most are robot style reply . Fizz won't go too far if they keep this kind of service level.

Have you already set up your account with a credit card attached to it? If not, that will probably work.

If you already have set up a credit card, sounds like a job for a Customer Service Agent.

I just said some bad words about support and they put it in moderation . Well, it's your spot.

It maybe a glitch, just use different web browser and try. Use Chrome, firefox, or opera