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Sim delivery company?

Dear Fizz,

Your delivery company for the sim cards is terrible, several customers didn't receive their sim cards, just because
the delivery guy decided to leave the card outside or in other place. Mine was delivered in front of my apartment
building, (where anyone could take it) I am lucky that i was outside and I saw the delivery guy and I got my card
because he never used the doorbell.

For all the trouble that you create using a cheap company that doesn't care I would suggest to change your delivery company, at the end you are not saving money with all these lost deliveries

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I think Fizz is aware of the problem and is changing delivery provider.

True but at least they send a new one for free. They probably make their count and it's cheaper for them like this ! It's like Amazon with Intelcom !

Most likely they are using Intelcomm.The problem is that Intelcomm does not have access to appartment buildings and appartment mailboxes and they drop the simcards mostly in front of the maindoors.Canada Post should be the obvious choice for sim delivery.

Why don't they sell SIM cards in partners stores like Couche-Tard, Best Buy, SuperClub Vidéotron, Canada Post offices, Maxi/Loblaws, etc.? It would be more simple and certainly cheaper for them.

Hello Victor ,

We are really sorry for the inconvenience. Delivery is assured by our logistic partner, Planète Courrier.If you didn't received the SIM card please contact us via live chat or Facebook Messenger in order to have a clear picture of the situation.

Have a nice day!

Marius Daniel