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Iphone SE: Sim not supported, how to activate?

I have an iphone se I purchased last year (so it's after January 2018) so it should be unlocked. I tried fizz SIM only to get a message saying SIM not supported.

Thats usually the message that you get when your phone is locked, you should check that, an easy way to do that is to go to any kiosk of mobile providers and ask if your phone is locked.

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I called my previous provider, they said the phone was already unlocked in their system, they told me I had not followed the unlocking procedure (basically doing a factory reset of the phone and load a backup). Well, I asked to send the instructions and I got a mail from the their system telling me it was now unlocked and I had to do the procedure.

I did nothing but swap the Sim card and it worked, so I'm pretty confident the phone was still locked. Anyway, it's now working with Fizz :)