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Not offered the field and could not enter the referral code?

I ported my mother's Rogers number 36 hours ago and was never presented with a location for entering my referral code. I had the opportunity to enter a code when I activated my own account but I did NOT port my number over.

  • the new SIM was initially ordered WITH my referral code - I did not get notification of referral when activating SIM
  • I sent an invitation link but the link was not working saying it was "broken" on website
  • I registered my mother's email first and tried the invitation link again - still broken.
  • went through the activation of the SIM and was unsure where the referral could be entered - couldn't find it.
  • used tutorials online and again had no luck. - it was never present
  • I was assured by a member that I could not miss it yet I went through with the payment information and never saw where to enter referral number even though I had done this once before.
  • I, myself, successfully registered my own account with someone else's referral and had had no problem.

Finally, have you stopped with the referral codes??

Please help in making sure I, and my mom, get our referral bonus'. This was a major part of the reason why we changed my mom's plan over as she was already at the same pricing plan from the competitor.

Dan, I suggest you contact Fizz directly via Facebook messenger.

From what I have read in previous posts, you cannot back track the referral codes, so the 25$ is unfortunately lost.

When I transferred to Fizz, I had to enter my referral code twice: once when I ordered the SIM, and a second time when I ported my number from ROGERS.

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Thank you for your response. I guess I'll have to get back on Facebook. I read that I likely won't be able to get the referral all over the Fizz website as well. Then their site should be checked for inconsistencies or issues. I noticed that I am not the only one with this exact issue and that this was the case for many people. Additionally, there should be a better "step by step" tutorial and a "system requirements" checklist of some sort. Something along the lines of "it's more reliable if you use Firefox or Chrome or Edge or even IE" and "Disable all Ads/popup blockers" and so on.