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Can i share my printer over the modem usb port ?

Hey guys somebody know if i can activate the printer sharing over USB ? I cant find the option in the modem settings. Thx

I just checked myself and that's the only thing I can find for usb functionality. If you now continue with the Printer's driver or software installer, are you able to complete the installation? Otherwise, if that doesn't work, try connecting through wifi by entering the SSID and password manually on the printer or by using the WPS function (just make sure you turn this off afterwards, its in the wifi section of the modem config)

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I haven't tried it, but the modem does support NAS through the usb 3.0 host. This ultimately means you will able to plug in as a network printer. Once connected, make sure you enable print sharing, or printer server mode in the usb section of the Modem's configuration page (

Thx for the answer but where can find printer server option ... The only thing i see about USB is under Administraion > USB Storage> shared disk ?

Anybody know where can i find the option for the printer ?

Your best bet is to use your own router and setup you had before Fizz ( assuming you had one)... This way you can have more control on your own router acting as a bridge on the Fizz router.



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That feature does not exist for Coda router