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Charge applies the day I activated my Fizz simcard

I paid one month fees the first day I activated my sim card. Do I have to pay at the beginning of each month or there are one month activation fees? With my last provider, the bill was at the end of the month so they could charge me if I over used my phone.



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Your date of activation marks the beginning of your payment cycle. Your card on file will be charged the following month on that payment cycle date. In other words, if you had activated your service on January 3rd, your next payment will be charged to your card on February 3rd, then March 3rd, and so on. Unlimited voice and text message programs are just that, unlimited. In terms of data, you can always check on your usage from your Fizz Member Overview page. Make it a great day and thank you for your subscription!

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This is prepaid phone service, always pay in first day of BILLING DATE. For example I start at Dec 3rd, so my billing date is always 3rd of every month.

NO , there is no activation fee. No contract, just month by month.

If you activate you plan today. You will pay every 18th of the month for the next month. So if you stop paying your plan will be desactivated and you will not have acess to SMS, LTE, etc