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Is Fizz selecting "Best Answers" to qeustions now?

I noticed on some questions, the author has been selected as having the best answers, I know we cannot select ourselves.




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I think they do for some questions

They always have from time to time. Sometime it's the only way to make sure the right answer gets picked!
In other times, they use it to close the thread for moderation purpose.
I noticed that they also upgrade their privacy filter bot, by deleting automatically question with specific personal information..

Chizz :))

A few of my answers got to moderation and never show up. it's a bot doing it, and the human may took a few days to have chance to look at it , and decide release it or not. Before this community only show latest thread, so my answer never been read by others at all.

Hey Kenny,

Great discussion here - we do have some AI that helps us out moderating the forums. We are also fully aware that it's not perfect but we're working on it as we see it as a great advantage. As @Rene mentioned, our moderators also from time to time select the best answer after a certain period of time or select the best answer for the OP after a certain amount of time, to make sure the right answers are included in the reply if someone is searching it via the community or through Google for that matter. I hope this helps.... @Kenny + @Rose - sorry about your messages that weren't posted - this issue should be resolved.