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Website bug - usage link

Just wanted to report a website bug, where clicking on usage for one line brings you to a different account.

Here's more detail:

  • Line A (Active, working, in regular use, created after line B))
  • Line B (Unsubscribed a few days ago, shows in a "deactivated state", created before Line A)
  • On the overview page, both lines are displayed correctly.
  • On the overview page, click "See usage" on line A
  • Browser loads the account/plan/usage page showing the information for line B.

NB: Going to the usage page from "My plans" works correctly.

I won't share my number here if it's needed to debug, but I can share my account info by email.


Hi Kris,

Regarding your issue, please contact us by chat or private message in Facebook Messenger and provide us your account details in order to check this further, here you have the info: "";.

Have a nice day!


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