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What Geographic Regions are supported for the Home Beta

I am a Cell Beta User, and have rec'd an invite to the Beta for Home Internet but when entering my home address, it says I am not in a supported geographic region. Considering I have working Internet service now, via my iPhone 3/4 bars, with a 45 Mbps download, and 13 Mb/sec upload, that exceeds what is currently available fom our local (Terrestrial suppliers for most)ISPs , why is this not an available Beta for this area ?

You got it. Unfortunately, videotron cable internet needs to be available in your area for you to subscribe to Fizz internet. You'd think they'd run your address before sending out an email offer though!.

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If you have received an invitation then it should be ok.
You need to chat with Fizz to have this issue resolved. Open a help page like this one to initate chat.
Wait for 15 seconds and you'll see a bubble chat at the bottom right corner.

Answered my own question..The Fizz Home Internet Beta is based on a Coax Based Internet network infrastructure CODA-4680 (Device) , and not on cellular based service technology. As there are no terrestrial COAX based ISP services available in my region, this Beta is obviously not available.

@Kenneth F.
This a public forum, therefore you should be careful about sharing your personal info such as your home address here.
If videotron cable is available at your address it should have worked.
I had the same problem when I got my invitation. Chatted with Fizz CS, opened a ticket to fixed the address validation bug and then was able to subscribe.

Chizz :))

Just checked availability for videotron internet at your address here

It is really a address validation bug on Fizz site, just contact Fizz following M.T. instruction, they will fix the problem like they did for me.

Chizz :))

Mobile is available doesn't mean internet (where need videotron cable coverage). Most address in Cogeco cable (QC) are covered by mobile, but not FIZZ internet (videotron cable).