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Billing cycle?

Hi there:
Can anyone explain how long is the billing cycle?
If I sign up , say, on day D of a given month, does that mean the billing cycle ends on day D-1 of next month?
I am not sure if the next billing cycles will start on day D of every month or day D+1 of every month.
I need the information to know how much time I have to change my plan defore the end of my current billing cycle.
What is said on the contract or on my account is very clear to me.

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There are two way to do billing , most popular one is monthly , your billing day is No. D day (the day you start) , no matter how many days for that month (ie. Feb only has 28 days and March has 31 days).

Some small company do it every 30 days, so you'll need pay 5 days extra (if that year has 365 days).

Fizz is the first billing type.