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How to get better speed with Fizz internet?

I received my Fizz modem yesterday and I started to make some test here are some notes:

1. You DONT need to cancel your current service (i have Videotron) and both service works. ( i wanted to test fizz internet first)

2. The technician doesn't need to have access to your connection room (if you live in an apartment)

3. The installations is quite simple, you just have to follow 5 easy steps.

4. I found a few problems trying to connect my devices (iPhone, iPad, TV) they were able to connect but I didn't have internet, so I changed some settings and now everything is working perfect.

Settings changed

The modem has 2 wireless frequencies (2.4 and 5GB) both have the same name (you cant have a different name)
I found that turning off the 2.4G frequency gave me better speed and all my devices were able to connect.

2.4G gave around 15/20Mbps connecting from the furthest point of my apartment
5Gb gave 40/47Mbps connecting from the furthest point of my apartment

Trying to optimize the 5GB connection I changed the channel from 157 to 161
Now 5Gb is giving me 60/67Mbps connecting from the furthest point of my apartment.

(same speed as the recorded speed from a wired connection)

With these changes, I got a perfect speed, solved the connection problems and I am
a happy customer.

(the only problem was that my TV was not able to connect, so I connected via wire and solved the problem)

I am going to test Fizz for a month and if everything is ok I am going to say goodbye to Videotron.

I was using Videotron 120 down 20 Up and with Fizz 60 down 10 up I don't see a big speed difference
just a big difference in price and maybe Fizz offers later 120 down, so the future looks great.

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I'm positive 120m will be available by the time Fizz internet is ready. This hitron modem they use can upgrade or downgrade easily, same as Fizz mobile, a few mouse click and your plan will be changed.



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Don't forget that you're paying Internet beta price.
If you switch to 120MB later on you'll have to pay full price.