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Je ne peux pas utiliser mes donnés.

I paid for 2g of data and when i try to use them, they tell me to disconnect my phone from the wifi but i already did but it doesnt work also they tell me to call videotron so i can share my data i dont understand.??




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Who is "they".?
For your data connection, try to configure APN parameters like shown here https://fizz.ca/en/faq/what-are-fizz-network-settings-apn

Then reboot your phone.

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I guess he want try if LTE working or not by disable wifi. If your phone LTE doesn't work, there are two possibilities.
1) if it's iphone, upgrade to latest 12.1 firmware, reboot,it will work;
2) if it's android, do as Rene said, change APN, and reboot.

I am having the same issue. I manually updated the APN settings and also contacted support via chat. I'm waithing for their specialized tech support team to contact me back since chat support couldn't do anything to help me.

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