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How can i contact fizz to fix serious problem ?

I need to contact a technical support representative to fix serious problem with my phone internet. I got 2 lines and added mistake on one profile nothing is working properly i looked everywhere for phone number couldn't find tired from.this service, thinking to go back to my previous providers.that's it i am fed up



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Other stupid change. Put in in moderator mode when I asked them.

When you go to my plans --> Manage ---> Adjust Plan. Please do plan change carefully because "next" equal to CONFIRM. WHY Fizz did such as nonsense change? No confirmation, no ask again, the change will be valid in next billing cycle.

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In your account, under My Profile, there is an option for Contact Forms through which you can get in touch. I also understand you can chat via the website, but I've never actually gotten that to work.

Here it's a user forum.
For phone internet review your APN setting following wath is on this page

The only way to contact Fizz is either contact form or the chat.
For the chat, you need to log on to your account and go to this page
It's within the customer service business hours: Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. (EST), weekends and holidays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (EST).
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For help from the user forum, we would need more info about your problem
1- Phone type and model
2- Have you received the confirmation e-mail for your SIM activation?
3- Did you get the text message confirming your activation?

Chizz :))

@Abraham S.
The only emergency link worth using, on the page you mention, is to reset your account password.
Other than that, it brings you back the "How to contact us" page and how to get to the chat, between opening hours.
Meaning of the word "emergency" seams to be very different for Fizz team :O)

Chizz :))

Hello Mohamad,

I can see that you've been with one of my colleagues by chat, but you did not answer anymore, after she responded.

Can you please contact us again, if you still encounter the issue?