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Travel add-ons for Canada?


I do not have a plan yet (still researching), so I can't see the travel add-ons when I go to my account.

Can someone please tell me how much are the travel add-ons for Canada for someone with a Quebec-only coverage plan? I'd like to know the prices for data, voice and text messages if possible.

Thank you!



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Canada wide vs Quebec is only an extra $2/month, so it's cheaper just to get the Canada wide plan if you travel or make calls outside of the province more than once a year or so. I have a Canada wide plan, so I can't see the add on prices for you to compare though.

I'm not sure , but don't think there is Canada travel add-on. As Allison mention, at 2$/month, I feel better off with that than juggling with add-ons when I need it.

Chizz :))

@Jeremiah H.
Thanks for the info! Probably not available to me because I have a Canada wide plan.
Anyhow, 2$/month for a Canada wide coverage plan definitely worth it in my own opinion.

Chizz :))

@René D.
Yeah I'm on Quebec coverage only, probably why I can see it. Agreed that the $2 extra is worth it if you go out of province more than once a year.