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Number porting timing?

Hi there:
I am just wondering if it is ok for someone to port a number over to Fizz on the last day of the billing cycle with the current mobile carrier (Chatr)?
Can anything go wrong so that the transfer would take more than 24 hours?

For mobile porting, normally should only take a couple of hours in the worst case. Of course, if there are issues with the account#, IMEI, etc, it won't be in a couple of hours.

My experience with Fido during business hours was minutes.

As others suggested, you might want to give it at least 24 hours to be safe

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As per users experience shared here, Fido is probably the worst, and Bell the fastest (few minutes).
As for Chatr, I don't think it's an issue.
Most of the time, your current SIM still works until it is fully ported to Fizz.

Chizz :))

Thanks everyone for your valuable advice.
I have the Chatr account# already.
Mobile transfer shouldn't be an issue but since Fizz is a new carrier and 100% online, I wanted to have your experience with porting over to Fizz.