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Bug with notifications?

I recently got a buggy sms with the following message:
“We’re here to help! Based on your usage, changing your Fizz plan to ${planDetails_BucketThresholdEvent} will give you more of what you need.“

The web UI started showing the red notification dot on the bell like with any other notification, but when I click to check my notificationn, it takes me to an empty inbox. The weird thing is that it seems like it’s also closing my session, if I try to go anywhere on the page, it asks me to log in again.

Has anyone else experienced something similar?



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It's just a marketing message with error . You can ignore it .

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@M T. The actual problem I’m having is that I cannot check my notifications anymore. I get weird SMSs once in a while that I ignore, like data rollouts before the actual cut date.

I’m wondering if some other people are experiencing the same issue. If it’s not a problem specific to my account, there is a higher chance that it’ll get resolved without the need to raise it with support.