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problem applying referral bonus to bill?

I currently have 3 referral bonuses that should be ready to use, as their status say ''discount on your bill''. So i thought one of the bonuses should be applied to the bill when the next cycle starts on Jan.23rd.
So I took a look at the bill today, I DONT see the $25 being deducted from my bill (my plan is $28/month), and my referral bonuses are still there showing ''discount on your bill''.

I contacted fizz and they opened a ticket for me, got a response from them just now, but they DID NOT address my issue AT ALL.

Does anyone know what is going on? how can i apply the referral bonus to my bill?

Thank you for any input!



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Hey Tatiana,

Sorry to hear about your situation. By the sounds of it - it might be a bug and that is the reason the agent opened a ticket for you - not to worry - one way or another will get those credits on your bill!

Thank you for your patience!


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It should be done automatically. Nothing you need to do. Mine went through fine. Your credits may still be in pending status? Maybe it wil go through on the next bill.

I have the exact same problem as you. My referral bonus does not work and I tried contacting fizz but they did not do anything about it. Let me know if you manage to fix the problem!