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IP Address - Dynamic or Static?

I have some issues while connectiong to Quebec TV ondemand videos websites (noovo and tva: they think i'm not in Canada).

So I did a hard reboot of the modem but it seems my IP address is still the same.

Do you know if Fizz Internet (it may be Videotron as well) has dynamic or static IP address? 

Also, it seems that I can access my router web interface through my public IP address... so it leads me thinking it's a static address.

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In general internet service provider gives their client a dynamic IP address.
The only difference between dynamic and static is the lifetime of the address.
The lifetime of a dynamic IP varies from 1 service provider to another ( often in the 3 months range ).
Usually you have to paid an extra amount of money to have an static IP address.
So very likely you have an dynamic IP address.
Why certain websites "think" that you're not in Canada is another issue.
My theory is Fizz uses a new set of IP addresses that are not yet recognized by those websites so they can not determine your location .