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how long does it take for referrals to show up in the account

i refereed a few people but it does show up nowhere in my account I know they activated their line. so I was wondering how long does it take for the referral to show up?



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You should have received an email or text and notification in your Fizz account fairly soon after they use your referral code. Then the referral sits locked in your referral list in your account until they make their second payment. At that point you get another notification that the referral is unlocked and you both have a $25 credit (which you cannot see the total of your unused referral $$ anywhere as far as I can tell)

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The referral bonus will only appear once both parties (you and your referral friend) pay TWO billing cycles.

Once two billing cycles have been paid, the bonus will appear.

I think it varies between people. Like pretty much any part of this website, there is a weird latency for anything to update. Give it a day or two and it should hopefully show up.

It should show ASAP other side phone numer ported successfully. Status is pending in referral bonus .

Fizz didn’t show 3 pas bonuses and I sent 20 messages, the support are most clueless and give useless answers most of time.

I ask other side complain too. Finally I 2 of the referrals showed up. The 3rd is under a “specialist” for 2 weeks and still no clue.

It could also be that your referrals didn't use your code when they signed up, in which case it wouldn't show up.

I ran into the same issue with one of my referrals, I had to contact them via FB Messenger for them to manually add in my referral. You may have to do the same.