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Payment method didn't work, how long until they recharge me?

I recently activated my account in November of 2018 and the payment method for the first bill and sim card worked perfectly. Everything was fine for a while, though I kept checking to see if i could ever pay my bill for the next month myself. Nothing ever showed up so i figured they would take the payment automatically. Then last night I receive a spam of emails (3) all different but all telling me that my payment method didn't work and one text message telling me also that my payment method didn't work. Now after changing the payment method, (even though there is a $0 charge on my credit card from fizz so obviously the payment method worked they just didn't charge me) how long do i have to wait for them to try and charge me again so that my plan will work again?



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They seem to be having some problems with their billing system the past few days. Follow René's instructions to chat with them. Hopefully the problem should be fixed quickly.