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How can I move my home internet with me to my new apartment?

So, I'm planning on moving out this July and I would like to know how can I transfer my internet to my new address? How can I get a technician to come and set up the new place? I.e. Check the coax cables etc.

To answer that you would need to know whether the beta period has ended by then. There should be no issues getting the service at the new place as long as it's in their service area. The real question is will you be able to keep the beta price. best to contact support directly.

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I think you must contact them and ask this question. With other companie we have to contact them when we move I'm pretty sure it's the same thing with fizz.

Just call fizz. They will install line in new place . You just need move modem and plug in. The uncertain part is if you can keep your old price.