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Billing/Plan/Data issue?

I recieved an email stating my beta plan was being extended by 2 extra months. Yet today the start of the 4th month there was an attempt to charge me full price. My rollover data is now all missing, and I can not send text messages.



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Rose is correct. If you changed your plan during the beta period, you automatically lose your beta pricing. If you did not change it, best to contact Fizz support to get it fixed up asap.

Regardless of whether or not you changed your plan during the beta period, you shouldn't have lost all your rollover data or ability to send texts, unless you're saying the payment failed entirely?

Did you change your plan to one with no data? That could wipe out the rollover and stop you from sending mms messages (likely all texts if you are using an iPhone and WiFi isn't available). It would also trigger an end to your beta pricing.