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There are two settings on the router, 2.5GHz and one 5GHz. I want to connect my iPhone to the 5GHz however its not showing up on my WiFi connection settings.
Is anyone else having this issue?
Is it possible to connect to a 5GHz on my iPhone?



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Band steering is under 5GHZ settings. Turn it off and Don't forget to give 5ghz wifi another name. 2ghz and 5ghz should not have the same name as far as I know.

I will go ahead and add: wifi of Fizz modem is sh.t. I suggest connecting a router to it:)

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Can you see the 5GHz with other devices? If you can, it sounds like the problem is with your iphone. It should be able to see both. Have you tried resetting the network settings?

First you need an iPhone 5 or later to connect to 5GHz network. Second the 5GHz network spread less then the 2.4GHz Network so try closer to your router. Check if you have a distinguished SSID and password for your network because If you don’t your device will connect to the stronger signal. It is also a tip to have the best coverage. Set the same SSID and the same password on both of your network and your devices will automatically connect to the stronger one.

Ah yes, I should’ve been clearer. I have an iPhone XS and as well as an iMac and neither of them are showing 5GHz options. I only have one SSID. In the router settings it only allows me to change the SSID of the 2.4GHz band. The 5GHz is always the same SSID as the 2.4GHz.

Is there a way to verify what the current band is?