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is there a way to reply to a support ticket sent with the contact form?

I open a tick via the contact form about the rollover not showing after my 1st billing cycle, I got a useless reply from fizz asking me to try on a different browser if the issue persists. Of course, it did. I want to response to the reply they sent me, but it is not possible to reply from that email. Is it possible to continue the conversation with a support ticket? The support chat bubble never show up on the browser to chat. I don't use facebook. What is the most efficient way to have customer support to follow up on an issue?

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Kent T. has the right answer and do it before they close the ticket usually in about 24-48 hours.
And Fizz, since you are monitoring this forum, it's pretty stupid on your part to handle a ticket by asking further questions to the subscriber via a "No-Reply" email address. You are still doing it after being told many times that it's a bad way of handling tickets. That's why you are losing customers.