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Does the data stop by itself when we exceed what we have on our plan?

Does it indicate anywhere in Fizz's term that the data automatically stop when we have reached the quota from our plan? Or it still let us use it and bill us on whatever we exceeded? I'm asking that question because if it stop automatically then I won't need to set a limit on my phone to stop the data when my monthly limit have reached. Since Fizz have rollover, I have to change the limit on my phone every month. Can anyone confirm? Thanks.



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As mentioned by Kent, as long as you don't have any funds in your wallet, your data will simply stop working.

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As long as you don't have any money in your wallet, your data will be stopped since you have not funds to pay for the extra usage. If you do have funds in your wallet, it will gladly go dip into it for your excess data usage.