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Anybody realize Fizz change game rule for points requirement for different Reward levels?

Anybody realize Fizz change game rule for points requirement for different Reward levels?

For me, need 1500 points to reach level 2 , and 4500 points to level 3.

Old game rule, 750 points to level 2 and 2000 points to level 3.

I don't know higher level but it's definitely to reach level 6.

I also wonder how that works like new rules apply to future levels or the ones you reached too? Hopefully we wont be brought down a couple of levels with the new rules

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Interesting, I also seem to notice that the way points are awarded seem to be weird. For the last couple of days some of the kudos do not seem to grant points not sure if a bug or new rules

I guess they figured out that most of us who were levelling up faster than they liked weren't really gaming their system, just using it, so they had to change how points are awarded. Not that it really matters since there still don't seem to be awards for reaching level 6 or 7.

I had the same requirements as you, Rose H. They must have changed it a while ago, which is fair enough to me. No reason why they shouldn't be allowed to sort out the rewards system as part of the beta/introductory period as well. It can be difficult to estimate exactly how people will behave in advance. I wouldn't be surprised if it gets reined in further before a full blown launch of the service is announced. I will be disappointed if they rollback our bonuses to be in line with whatever the final scheme is, however.



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Those numbers look normal. I don't remember seeing the "old game" rule - and if you refer to the community support website as a "game", you've answered your own question as to why they changed the intervals - probably thanks in part to you.

I have other account under old game rule, I reach level 3 with only 2000 points.

This account is 2100 points and still far away to level 3 (need 4500 points).