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Discover Zone & Rates? Links to account overview


I would like to know what Fizz offers as travel add-ons and such. Clicking on "discover zones and rates" on this page only bring you to account overview. This seems to be a problem as this and this thread have already brought up the problem.

I do not own a Fizz simcard, and surely do not wish to pay only to be able to see what Fizz has to offer :)
It sure would be nice if I wanted to switch to Fizz to know what they offer.

Until this is fixed, would it be possible for anyone to take a screenshot of what the add-ons are?

Thank you!

Sidenote: I created an account to check if logging in would make it possible for me to see the plans, but no. I checked if clicking "activate my sim" would bring me one step closer, but also no. I've since received 5 e-mails about activating my SIM from Fizz in the past 24 hours. Oops, make that 6, just got another one. Quite aggressive.



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Here's a sample of the travel add-on section inside the account management. you search the destination, once you select it, then it will show you the add-on rates. either a block of service or pay-as-you-go.

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Fizz is simple, most are in 3 coverage: Quebec, Canada or USA+Canada. If you're in the specific range, it's free. If you travel to overseas, none of Fizz package is competitive out side USA&Canada.

If you want call overseas use Fizz, it's a bad idea too. Cost too much. So if you plan to use it in USA or Canada, go with Fizz. Otherwise it's not a provider you're looking for.