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Changing plans from 4 gig to 2 gig, do I still get discount price?

I am nowhere close to reaching my data limit and have 12 days remaining in my billing cycle. If I switch from 4 gig to the 2 gig plan, will I still have the discount price in January?

You should be fine as the introductory pricing no longer appear to be ending Dec 19th. May want to update your plan now so that when your new month kicks in you'll have the introductory prices for the 2 gigs all set.

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Yes, I changed mine 2 day ago from 2GB to 1GB. When you change your plan, it will show you the price of your new plan. The new plan will be effective on the next billing cycle.



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Yeah its definitely the time to do it and with the carryover data and the bonuses it might not be a bad idea.

Also might be good to check (now that you can see the new prices when you configure a plan) the difference in cost if you wanted to go back to 4GB in the future, after the introductory price is gone.
Might want to think it twice :)