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I'm finally able to see my data usage but not in Firefox, why?

I week ago I requested to Fizz to check my account due to the inability of checking my data usage. Today I've received an email from them (thank you) asking me to check if it is working now. I did it but I noticed that it wasn't loading in Firefox (my default browser on Mac). I've tried in Safari and it worked.


This is one of the little things why I think to have a suggestion box somewhere to flag bugs or to suggest improvement would be great to build a solid and strong community/service. Fizz, it will help you grow and it will make us happy.


I also noticed that someone from the Fizz team is around answering questions (which I think is great) so what do you think Whizz?

Well... welcome to 2018 (soon 2019). Firefox is considered one of the big browsers out there... I'm not saying to update their code to adapt it to Internet Explorer. The main point of my post was to flag a bug I discovered.

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I can see data with Firefox ( version 63 and 64 ) on windows 10

I also think that having a space where we can put suggestion, bug and options request will be a great improvement to the Community Hub. Someone from Fizz with a direct link to the developer team could be the moderator. It could also have a mean to vote and prioritize bug correction and/or new implementation.