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Transferring phone number after activation?

Is it possible after choosing a new fizz number, to then switch your number to your old one? Or do you have to reactivate with a new SIM card in order to keep your old number?

Hi @all,

You cannot transfer your number to Fizz on an existing plan that you have with us.

So, if you want to transfer your number, you'll have to create another plan. You can do this by ordering a new SIM card or using the old SIM card (only if you unsubscribed a plan you already had with Fizz).

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As of now, you will need to get a new sim to bring a different number over to Fizz. But, you can change the sim card on the plan you already have, no need to create a new one.



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I received this answer first week Dec. when I couldn't port my number when I received my first Sim card.

Please Help!! Porting number
Hello Gabe,

Fizz Team
Thanks for reaching out.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to transfer your number from Fido to the SIM card associated to the number (343) xxx-xxxx If you want to transfer your number, you will have to order a new SIM card. But, if you unsuscribe the phone line (343) xxx-within 15 days ( trial period ) , you will refunded.

Regarding the Wifi-calling and Visual Voicemail, at the moment they are not available to Fizz. But rest assured, they are under deployment.
Have a nice day.

Yesterday was given this answer From Fizz Team.

Fizz Team
You have the option to reactivate your plan, if you click on 'Reactivate', where you can also choose to transfer your previous number.
We remain at your service for any further questions.
Have a nice day !

I'm a little confused.
Can I port(transfer) my number? Anybody else in this situation?

Note : I ordered the sim card last Tuesday after Unsubscribing my original Simcard and I am still waiting.