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Bonuses Policy (Important)

Another detailed find regarding their bonuses policy:


1- Can be applied to mobile or internet

2- Valid for 24 months

3- Cannot be exchanged

4- Fizz can change the number of bonuses awarded at any time and without notice

5- Maximum number of bonuses is 3

6- Level 5 unlocks slot #3


This is the most accurate details since it's clearly stated on their Policy page.

@M.H. Forget that I just found it.


It's clearly steated that bonuses can be change.


Bonuses: Bonuses are rewards obtained when a certain level is achieved. They may be applied to the plan (mobile or internet) of your choice and may be changed at any time. When a bonus us changed during a billing period, the change will be taken into account only during the following period, unless indicated otherwise. Bonuses remain valid for a period of twenty-four (24) months after they were obtained. Bonuses are attached to your user account and cannot be exchanged or given to a third party. Bonuses have no monetary value and we may change the number of bonuses awarded at any time and without notice. The following chart applies to bonuses:

  • A maximum of 1 bonus per plan may be applied between levels 1 and 2;
  • A maximum of 2 bonuses per plan may be applied between levels 3 and 4;
  • A maximum of 3 bonuses per plan may be applied starting at level 5.


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I added a screenshot below, so basically if you add your 250mb upgarde plus 500mb and the free voicemail, and then you level up later on and receive better upgrades, you are basically screwed and won't be able to remove the 250mb  upgrade to replace it with another one, so I suggest you to be patient and not add those small upgrades at first, any thoughts?


Too late for me. I already applied the 250mb upgrade. I didn't know at the time that I couldn't undo the upgrade and replace it with a better upgrade.

I also applied the 500mb upgrade. But I haven't applied the voicemail upgrade. Only because I don't have an open slot.

This is so backwards. Like, it’s punishing someone for using an upgrade, since there will always be better upgrades at a higher level. I wish they let users discard upgrades they don’t want anymore, at the cost of loosing it for good.
I know these upgrades are an extra at no cost, I just with they had a policy that pushed people to get levels to get upgrades they could use, not just a collection of items on the upgrade page serving as decoration. That’s what the badges are for.



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In My Rewards Program on Fizz web site, they mention, "Each time you reach a new level, you earn a Bonus. That bonus will become a permanent addition to your plan." I think bonus is permanent. If I am wrong, please correct me.

The conflicting information is pretty bad. It's also pretty bad to upset long-term customers by ripping away their upgrades after two years, unless they get better upgrades by then.

Here is an official response I received on Messenger regarding the ability to swap bonuses:


"Hi Emre, 


There are 3 types of Rewards :


The upgrades : Upgrades are reccuring. It stays with your plan. (we are still developping the swap functionnality)


Perks : Perks have a end date. Once you apply it, you cannot swap it. You have to use it before it expire.


Badges : You earn badges for your interaction with the platform. It doesn't have real value apart being cool


Hope it answer your questions.


- Gab."




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Since I have 4 plans on one account, I guess that I will never worry about swapping them out as they increase in value ;)