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Apprententice x/5?

Hey guys. I was just curious what it meant by apprentice 1/5 or 2/5 on the community hub. Does it mean how much you have been answer/asking questions? Also what happens when you get that 5/5?

I guess it a loyalty related feature Jia.
You are correct, the more you contribute the more point you earn.
Also, I believe the more you spend per month through packages or add-ons will also contribute.
I've noticed this myself through the points changes in my profile.

This is not a super-scientific answer mind you!

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I corrected the typo: I meant to say the more you sPend

I added some travel add-ons and a data add on one month and I saw a change in my points, without doing anything else.

That's all I mean.

Hope this helps.