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what do kudos do?

I was just wondering what kudos do and how do you get them? I see it on the right hand side of the community page.

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I think it's the heart icon on the bottom of each message. It's similar to upvoting or liking a post. You give each other points towards your rewards. I just gave you a kudo :-)

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@Jia L. Kudos give you points 5 points if you receive one and 1 point if you give one.

The purpose of the kudos is similar to the Like function on Facebook. It's only to show appreciation.

You can see the received points concerning the Kudos here:

I find they're also a useful way to remind myself that I've read a post (and responded if I can help). Unlike other forums, posts don't seem to be mark as read in any way (eg. changing colour), so giving the post a kudo gives me a visual reminder.