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Issues logging in and changing password?

I cannot log into my account and cannot manage my account. It constantly tells me my username is incorrect until it eventually locked me out. I clicked forgot password to reset it, received an email, clicked the link, there were 2 fields: new password and confirm new password, entered it in but was told my username or password was incorrect and to try again despite no field for my username. Upon trying again an error stating the link is no longer active and to request another email to reset my password. I have gotten around it a bit as I can enter my email and click the facebook log in, but then it brings me to account creation, I enter the same information and my original password and it would log me in but I can only go as far as seeing my data usage. Any attempts to manage my account will ask for another log in which will not work and any attempts at the work around will just take me back to the home page. I also had to use the work around to access the community hub. I am completely lost on how to proceed



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Strange. On mine the username IS my email. Sounds like your email is correct since you did receive a reply from Fizz to reset your password. Were you entering your username instead of your email when signing in maybe?