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how do Perks data work?

I got 500 mb with 80 days left as a perk. How does that work? I have 80 days to claim it and use it on 1 cycle or does it work on multiple billing cycles or what?
For example, if I claim it in 79 days do I need to use it in 1 day or is just loaded in my account for that billing cycle?

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Exactly, you have 80 days to claim it. Once activated, you have 30 days to use it. Since there's rollover, I would assume that it's 30 days regardless of billing cycles (to confirm).

From my understanding, if you claim it in 79 days, you would have 30 days to use it.

It will use those 500 mb first. Once activated, you can see the details in "See Usage". The perk will show on top of your Monthly Plan. It also shows the number of days left to use up that data.

I'm not sure if perks and upgrades work the same, but if they are, the regular data of your plan will be used first. This is what I'm seeing since I applied the upgrade.