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Videotron porting issues?

Waiting for 2 weeks now to finish porting from Videotron on one of my lines. Videotron doesn't see any issues at all. Fizz side can't fix not receiving calls. MMS works sometimes, can't get SMS from all contacts.

Whizzzz, please help. Anyone else have unresolved issues like this? I'm pretty sure starting over with a new SIM might help, but Fizz says that won't help.



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I have seen others having similar problems, where they could still get calls with their old SIM card.

Can you test if you can get calls on your old Videotron SIM card?

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I put the Videotron SIM back in the phone and I have full Videotron service again.

After two weeks of porting and I still have Videotron service!

Whizz, you have my number, please pass this along to your technical team. Maybe they can figure it out.