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Data usage not updating?

I’ve had my plan active for the last 2 days already but the data usage doesn’t seem to be updating. Is anyone else having this issue?

As of yesterday, I lost my roll over data and can no longer see my data usage in my customer profile. I have my cell phone set to keep track anyway, and I have more than enough that I'm not worried about running out.

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Yep so do I...
Not every users are getting the rendition of the My Profile page depending of their plan selection I'm guessing.

Seems it's pretty messed up to me!

Keep filling complaints with contact form, it will push them into solving this annoying web function behaviour.

Cheers :)

For me it's showing only 2 Meg available even if I have 2 Gig. The usage meter isn't working. Please give times to Fizz to repair this problem as it's a known fact it's a bug. If I can make a suggestion, use your cell for metering internet usage.

I don't have this issue. But this is my first month with Fizz. So I don't know what will happen in 20 days.

The things I have to look forward to...

I have 26 days left in my cycle and it shows I have full data available - no reduction from my total GB in my plan. I dont have "usage" button enabled as well.



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I have the same problem as Alison. No data rolled over. No daily usage view possible, just overall usage.