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Help changing numbers

I tried transfering my old cell number, but there’s been issues, so I need a new number.
It’s been a couple days now, and I haven’t been seeing the chat bubble appear anymore.
I also don’t have the option to change phone numbers online, I get the error attached.
I also have “No Service”, but I chalked that up to the network outage, thought it hasn’t affected my sister’s phone.

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Normally the option to choose a new number, port your number or seek a specific number ($1 fee iirc) is done upon activating the SIM card. You may receive a message about there being a problem with a port-in though it the port-in usually succeeds anyway (though it can take a while to take effect, depending on the previous carrier).

Contacting support may help indeed. A trick to find that support bubble again is to go in your account and go to the Unsubscribe section (it won't cancel your account just yet). The bubble often appears on that page.

Otherwise your issue may be linked to the network outage we had today. If so it should be okay soon enough.

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