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Can I use my Videotron modem with Fizz home internet?

Am I allowed to use Fizz home internet with my own modem? Whether it is from Videotron or somewhere else? Would Fizz block it?

a workaround, if you can not use another modem (which I think is probably the case) is to connect your own wifi router to one of the ethernet ports on the Fizz modem and connect to that wifi instead

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I would assume you can not. Besides I don't see any benefit to this a the cost of the modem rental is already included in your Fizz monthly plan.

Some of my devices have difficulty connecting to the modem or internet. I have a tv box and while I was surfing the internet on my computer, I could not watch Netflix on my tv ("no internet" error). Fizz uses same network as Videotron. I used to have the same speed with Videotron and never had this issue. I blame it on the wifi modem Fizz gives. So it is just a matter of being able to use the service without an issue for me. I will try and see if the issues are gone in the next few days. Otherwise I might go back to the previous provider.

All my devices are connected to the modem. But "no internet" error shows up every now and then for some of them. So I am watching Family Guy and all of a sudden TV box stops steaming and says Wifi network is not connected to the internet. Same with an older phone etc. I might try and connect a router to it to see if it gets better.